In today’s age, you’ve probably heard a lot about frontend and backend programming. But what accurately do we mean by this? If you’re a beginner in the field, it can be not easy to know which is which and what one or the other covers.

While frontend and backend development are unique, they are additionally similar to cut out of the same cloth. The usefulness of a site relies upon each side communicating and working successfully with the other as a solitary unit. Is it genuine that one is a higher priority than the other?

No. Both play a very…

Every year, several entrepreneurs take their businesses to the Internet by launching applications for iOS. According to Statista, more than 1.96 million apps are present on iOS, and the number is increasing.

This figure shows that there is enormous competition in the market. In addition, new technologies are introduced to the market every year. Therefore, all business owners, entrepreneurs, and developers should be aware of the latest iOS application development trends.

From a developer’s point of view, the more apps in the app store, the more they need to keep up with the latest happenings. So our blog is dedicated…

Being the primary audience in today’s whirlwind of the cyber world, startups are increasingly inspired to create powerful mobile apps for rapid organic growth, better customer acquisition, and brand marketing, just like conspicuous brands. Technology-based innovation is the best way to get entrepreneurs to interact with their customers. Like many other industries, education is also preparing to transform and revolutionize itself with digital solutions.

Some good apps are making their way into the education industry to enable better learning. However, to create strong and compelling features, various scales need a strong and reliable mobile app development partner with a deep…

The situation is changing rapidly. The number of people it is considered safe to gather in one place has decreased from thousands to hundreds to ten. Restaurants, bars, cinemas and gyms in many major cities are closing. In the meantime, numerous office workers are confronting new difficulties of working distantly all day.

Basically, individuals acknowledge the real factors of our interconnected world and that it is so hard to isolate those associations from others incidentally. To say that we live in remarkable occasions appears to be putting it mildly.

For e-commerce brands, it came as no surprise that the frenzy…

Building a digital presence — on the web or in a mobile app — is essential for any organization. Companies rely on well-crafted marketing and attractive interface approaches to promote their web and mobile apps.

In short, a useful UI and UX design make the app easy and fun to use and, as a result, increases customer satisfaction. So, today on this blog, we are going to discuss in detail the benefits of investing in UI / UX design for your project.

What is UI’ User Interface’?

User interface is a broad term for any system that is designed to be an information device that…

According to statistics of e-marketers, 52% of the population in Dubai use social media, and 47% of the population regularly watch videos on their mobile phones. So to match your pace with the future generation, you need a mobile application for your business. The mobile app should be innovative and out of the box to beat upcoming hurdles. They should have an interactive interface to engage users. Industry demands advanced features integrated with the app such as chatbot, navigation, push notification, mapping, and synchronizing data using other platforms, or else the app will fail to impress its target users.


No industry felt the burden of pandemics more than the healthcare industry. The lockdown and social distancing have increased the importance of healthcare services on digital platforms. As a result, it has become necessary that hospitals and other healthcare units develop an option to take remote care of their patients.

The healthcare industry has been embracing digitalization for a long time, but COVID-19 has increased the adoption rate.

In reality, going with the industry trend is not that easy as most healthcare organizations lack knowledge and experience in healthcare software solutions. …

In this digitally progressive era, web app development is considered a vital approach in modernizing businesses globally. Organizations of all shapes and sizes need a web app or a website to upscale their business and embrace the newfound method of making their mark in the online market. In addition, they need to showcase their products and services across physical boundaries, which will help promote their brand name all across the globe.

To shake up and restructure the web development arena, Facebook decided to dump the old-school HTML and came up with an out-of-the-box idea in 2011. They introduced a JavaScript-based…

As the spread of the deadly disease in the name of COVID-19 has kept every individual in fear, it has led to the economic downturn of the offline market, and increase in the popularity of e-commerce applications for buying products and services. Going out and buying things has become a thing of the past. As a result, developing an e-commerce app has become one of the best ways for businesses to connect with customers globally, provide them with a wide array of services in the comfort of their homes, and capitalize on the e-commerce boom.

Once you have decided to…

Blockchain has introduced revolutionary technology to many industries, and mobile app development is no exception. Moreover, it has an amazing feature as a peer-to-peer payment architecture, a digital accounting system.

It has also benefited the application industry by enabling mobile application development free from security threats, fraud, and data breaches. However, with blockchain implementation in the mobile application industry, it is still in the early stage.

Many industries want to unleash the full potential of this revolutionary technology. So let’s take a look at all the ways blockchain is gradually changing the world of mobile app development.

Blockchain in Mobile Application Development

The mobile app…

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