Apple Glasses, The AR Glasses that will Change the Worlds

Apple will not be the first company to try to introduce augmented reality into daily life. However, its biggest competitors have never squeezed out its full potential. And this is where Apple wants to change the game.

Apple glasses are reportedly on the right path to becoming a real market product. According to Jon Prosser’s information, they will be on sale next year.

Many of us use the phone as a device to quickly receive relevant information. To navigate the city, check email or watch a new video on Youtube. Every time we have to search for something, we have to use the smartphone, but … what if the information we want or seek is immediately visible in our field of vision?

Google Glass and Microsoft HoloLens

For example, Google and Microsoft engineers emerged from this assumption. Google Glass appeared on the market seven years ago, and Microsoft HoloLens three years later. Both devices were innovative in their way, providing entirely new ways of interacting with the environment through electronics. Both also succeeded only in specialized niches: Glass proved too primitive to interest a street user and HoloLens too awkward and expensive.

Apple Glasses, the AR Glasses that will Change the World

Apple Ar Glasses

For today, the most popular devices for augmented reality are mobile phones. Which somehow contradicts the idea of ​​getting rid of the device stuck to the hand. The augmented reality (AR) technique helps smartphone users in many situations. For example, allowing us to decorate our apartment with virtual furniture to check if they fit, showing us where we should look for a particular store or making it easier to catch another Pokémon in Pokémon GO.

One of the biggest promoters of augmented reality for the consumer market is Apple, and there are only empty statements behind it. We know that iOS for developers is essential, and they cannot ignore this platform. Successive versions of iPhones and iPads are equipped with increasingly smart sensors in the camera. Thanks to which these devices better understand the surrounding space, allowing them to place virtual objects in the real environment more accurately.

Apple has been Working for Years to Compete

The effects are not yet visible, but apparently for a reason. Apple glasses are supposed to have a light and comfortable look that implements augmented reality technology, and not like HoloLens as a great device used as a visor.

Knowledge and experience in creating AR solutions for iPhones and iPads is of great help in this. We remind you that the latest iPad Pro is equipped with a LIDAR mechanism, a device related to radars, but that uses laser light. Everything to make AR work even well and with greater precision.

What Do We Know About Apple Glasses So Far?

The only accurate information is that Apple is working on them. Otherwise, much information has already appeared from many sources, but often with insignificant credibility and mutually exclusive.

These glasses, according to Kuo, will not be a separate device. Apple thinks of them as an extension of iPhone functionality, which seems like a wise idea. It will not only allow the company to sell more phones, but it will also allow you to transfer many functions to the glasses if you need to take our smartphone out of your pocket.

The glasses management software is said to be called rOS; this is supposedly a simplified and specialized version of iOS. Apple is not working alone on the computer. According to information published by DigiTimes, the company established cooperation with Valve, a company that is trying to popularize virtual reality games on the PC platform. With the desire to make their glasses offer not only usable value, but also completely new forms of video games can be created.

According to some information, Apple is working on two types of devices. The first would be the mentioned glasses: light, easy to use and elegant. The second device would be a much less comfortable and much more extensive set, reminiscent of Microsoft’s HoloLens. This set would be stationary equipment, connected wirelessly (60GHz WiGig) to the docking station and offering AR and VR functionality. We know almost nothing about the latter device, except for the rumor that both screens should work on the 8K resolution.

The time has come for us, the time to start using augmented reality technology for more than just organizing Ikea furniture or playing catching virtual creatures for Pokeball.

We are not the most fanatical or enthusiastic about Apple, but we honestly believe that it is this company like no other that can popularize the use of AR for mass users. And as Toronto app developers, we are still convinced that this will incomparably change the world of electronics. Much more than 120Hz screens or smartphones with flexible displays.

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