Enjoy Your Quarantine Time with these Best Free Mobile Games

Gamer activity has increased greatly in recent months where different countries ordered the quarantine to combat COVID-19, better known as Coronavirus. In the mobile field, there are a large number of games from different genres. Some of the premiums are enabled free of charge for users around the world, thanks to companies who decided to help users in isolation.

You know well that AppStudio is the leading game app development agency in the world. We have won numerous awards in Canada and today we are going to share some of the games that we are enjoying right now. Without further ado, let’s discuss the games.

Best Mobile Games Available for Free in Quarantine


We are playing Tetris for ages now, and this game is as addictive as ever. A real classic piece that helps ease down stress and is a great time pass. The newer version has customization and amazing new features that have raised the user experience to a new level.

Legends Guardian Premium

This fantasy league which is an RPG is free right now. Fight in a story mode by accessing all of the premium features and upgrading your arsenal. The gameplay and navigation options are up to mark and its compatibility with different devices is much smoother.

Asphalt 9 Legends

The ultimate racing game franchise in the mobile arena developed by one of the best game developer for android and iOS. Asphalt offers a wide variety of vehicles and tracks that are unlocked as you progress and collect points. If you have played previous Asphalt installments, you are well aware of how well the graphics and the controls are.

Call of duty mobile

Who is not familiar with this game? Our childhood’s favorite game that made us stick with our consoles is now available for the mobile world. Although you can play it with just your mobile phone, the whole experience gets much smoother and enjoyable with external controls.

Alto’s Odyssey

The strong point of the Noodle cake Studios video game is the visuals. Players put themselves in the shoes of a character who sand-boards through a desert that hides many secrets. Alto’s Odyssey has raised the bar for every developer out there with its amazing UI and UX capabilities. The gameplay is simple yet very competitive.

Golf Blitz

It is an improved version of the previous installment and now offers a multiplayer mode. Different competitors will seek to reach the hole first on strangely shaped maps. You have many powers and accessories to compete well or just to make your ball more target-oriented.

Brawl Stars

Brawl Stars is a multiplayer game that is epic in its genre. It can be played cooperatively with friends and features many different game modes. Thanks to the amazing work of front end android developer, this game has an amazing UI.


If you haven’t played this game and enjoy multiplayer shooting games, you are missing a world! Users all over the world are in a continuous craze over PUBG, thanks to its intuitive gameplay and amazing graphics. The game offers unique features and outstanding user experience. If you are bored, perhaps this game can uplift you!

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