How to Get Back A Hacked Facebook Fan Page?

Social media is helping people in their startups, entrepreneurship and to earn money. Indeed, they are one of the best tools to market your products. However, it’s the digital age and there is a need for extra vigilance when you are online. Cyber crime is getting higher but we have come to the rescue. AppStudio, an app development agency, is providing you with a quick guide and all the information you need.

Src From Facebook

The scams often come through email or direct message with Facebook links. This is to take advantage of the business management platform. They are false proposals from agencies to manage the income that you can have through your social networks.

Being an administrator and owner you can add new accounts to work and this is used to get inside. Once you keep them in your account, they change your permissions. They remove the owner as an administrator to take control of your account. Don’t take them lightly as they could be profound Android, iOS developers, or high-tech software engineers.

If this happens to you without your authorization, I am sorry to tell you that you are being the victim of fraud. With this, whoever is performing the fraud will have control of the administration of your income and your fan page.

What should I do now?

You have to take quick measures:

· The first thing you should do is disconnect any payment method you have such as PayPal or the one you are using.

· Cut your income and disconnect the account.

· At this point, you have to make an immediate claim of the property before Facebook.

· If you are lucky you will have the short path by validating your accesses by the means you have configured, main mail, or cell phone.

· However, if Facebook considers it necessary, it will ask you for a declaration before a notary among other documents.

· Avoid making contact with the people who are committing fraud and follow the recovery process.

Through a claim Facebook intervenes, having the required documentation you may resume the administration of your fan page. Following the process, if you are the accredited owner with the required documents once delivered in 24 hours you will have your fan page again.

How to register my Claim with Facebook?

To start your claim I suggest you fill out this form:


2. Select Trademark tab

3. Then select a trademark report

4. Go for, infringes my trademark navigation option.

5. Complete the required data including a description of what happened.

How to prevent Facebook Hacking?

Mobile app development companies Toronto are working hard to provide tips to average users. The important and basic point is not to answer emails or provide your access to people or Agencies you do not know. Manage your media and social networks with professionals. Some Facebook Links where you will find information about intellectual property:



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