Mobile Apps Development Trends in 2020 after Coronavirus Pandemic

Mobile applications are part of the daily life of many users today, both for ordinary people and professionals. There are no age ranges for the use of applications, they are equally popular among children and older adults. We have already commented on technological trends for 2020 but the fact is this modern world quickly reshapes and changes. There was a need to update as we have a new economic and healthcare crisis due to Convid19. This developing situation demands an update regarding mobile app development trends in 2020.

More Healthcare Related Mobile Apps

We are amid the coronavirus pandemic where the whole world is fighting and trying to overcome this challenge. AppStudio is among the few app development companies that have sensed the situation early and started developing healthcare mobile apps.

● There is a need for mobile apps that help patients and medical practitioners in hospitals.

● Fitness and wellness related apps are in trend as people can’t go to gyms.

● Food & Nutrition apps should be developed to guide people.

● Visiting hospitals can be a risk in these times, mobile apps engaging doctors online can help patients in diagnosis and in prescriptions.

Mobile Apps for Smart Lockdown

More and more countries are looking for ways to tackle this pandemic and now thinking of a smart lockdown. See lockdown halts the economic growth and a country cannot afford a long-term standstill. AppStudio, a mobile app Development Company in Toronto, is working with organizations to tackle this situation by adopting modern means.

● Mobile apps can help authorities to manage the lockdown efficiently by allowing certain people to open workplaces with SOPs.

● We can integrate IoT and artificial intelligence with mobile apps for amazing results.

● We can create apps that not only inform users regarding necessary precautions but also alert them to avoid red zones.

Mobile Apps for Quarantine

People in quarantine need food supplies, and other amenities. Mobile apps can help governments and organizations to ensure a smooth quarantine process.

● Sensors and IoT integrations with mobile apps can alert the guards of a possible escape.

● It also helps them to identify the need for resources and future planning.

Mobile Apps for Our Doctors at The Frontline

Doctors and paramedic staff are our frontline against Convid-19. Taking them for granted is not an option here. By developing modern and sophisticated mobile apps, we can help them fight this pandemic smartly and efficiently.

● There is no need for them to be always in direct contact with coronavirus patients.

● With quality mobile apps, they can have all the information about patients in their palm and act accordingly.

More Roam for Mobile Game Development

We all know that people are in quarantine or at home, staying safe. They are bored and have free time. It’s the perfect time for companies thinking to invest in mobile game development. A unique idea and proper development can provide them with revenue and popularity. AppStudio is among the best game development companies in the world. In Canada, we have received numerous awards and recognitions, together we can achieve new heights.

Using Chatbots for your Business

People are on the internet as never before. There is no more perfect time to start developing chatbots for your companies. ECommerce is a challenge especially in these times when people are not aware of your new products and can’t check them physically. Chatbots developed with AI can help them get answers they are looking for. It’s a supreme communication tool.

Online Ecommerce Stores Mobile Apps

Are you losing your business? Are you afraid of getting bankrupt? What are you waiting for, it’s the 21st century. Try investing in a modern eCommerce mobile app. Companies like AppStudio can help you create an online store that is free of glitches and offer a smooth ride for customers. Sell your products online by adopting modern and secure means of payments and checkout.

App Development for Wearables

People are enticed to use wearables like never before. Perhaps some governments make it mandatory to wear some kind of a band or a gadget to track and trace. Also, these wearables help users exercise and stay fit. Take the help of mobile application developers for wearables so that you have a share in this new development scenario.

Mobile Apps for Restaurants

People love to eat food and rejoice with it. Restaurants are closed for a reason for social distancing but no one is prohibiting you to deliver food with proper SOPs. Create a mobile app for your restaurant and offer food to people directly at their doorstep. Show them in your mobile app how you are following strict measures from preparing food to packing and delivery. Check out our mobile app development services to have a better idea about the whole process.

Use Technology to come out of the economic crisis with AppStudio

The human race has seen difficult times and always came out of the challenging situations with the help of mental strength and smart moves. In this pandemic, our biggest tool is technology. Let’s integrate technological advancements to fight the Convid-19 and economic crisis. Things are big! There are plenty of options for you to explore new ways to earn and live. If flights are closed, you can tell travel stories and show people online amazing travel destinations where you are residing. Contact AppStudio in these difficult times, we are the best app development agency having years of experience and a talented team. Together we can achieve new milestones!

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