Technology to Counter Challenges of Covid-19 Lockdown

Covid-19 pandemic is not over yet and we are still seeing new cases and a number of deaths all over the world. Scientists are still not sure whether coronavirus will repeat its cycle or will it be more aggressive or mild. However, the need of the hour is to get prepared for worse and take precautionary measures until it’s over. The only thing that is helping humanity against Covid 19 is technology. Mobile apps are playing an important role in the fight against coronavirus.

Technology and the Fight Against Covid-19

We are seeing multiple projects where sophisticated technologies are integrated into mobile apps to take different benefits. The salient ones are:

  • We are using the Internet of Things to help doctors and patients with healthcare apps and hospital management.
  • Augmented Reality is being used to elevate the eCommerce industry.
  • We are using Virtual Reality to help students study and train with simulations in the lockdown.
  • We are employing Artificial Intelligence to predict virus future targets, overcome economic crisis, and research possible vaccines for coronavirus.
  • App Development Agencies are also using Big Data to help governments and individuals indulge into smart lockdown.

Technology and the Fight Against Covid-19

Real-time tracking

Surveillance tools developed from artificial intelligence algorithms take the help of data to warn their clients of potential outbreaks of diseases like coronavirus. This technology also allows the progress of the coronavirus to be followed in real time. As can be seen on the interactive map developed by the Center for Engineering and Systems Sciences at Johns Hopkins University.

Robots, Drones and Sensors

There are cameras that use thermal sensors to capture the heat produced by a person’s body to generate a 2D image. It is similar to a physical map, where each temperature is marked with a different color. Chinese cities like Beijing, Shanghai and Shenzhen implement this technology in subways, schools and community centers. These cameras are controlled with the help of IoT apps and desktop software. IoT has become more popular during Covid-19 and companies are looking to create IoT based apps to tackle coronavirus. Robots are also seen in hotels, hospitals and other public buildings that disinfect rooms and/or deliver food to isolated patients.

Work and Remote Education

While Covid-19 is primarily a medical and scientific challenge, the virus has a direct impact on the habits of organizations. Thanks to the cloud, many companies offer the possibility of working from home through collaborative platforms and software for online meetings. Something similar occurs with schools that have had to close their doors to avoid contagion. Teachers and students come to class from their homes, connected through the networks. Something that is possible thanks to the advancement of the cloud and easy and fast access to connectivity.

You can develop mobile apps to manage workflow and use your employees effectively in lockdown. Similarly, educational institutes can hire app developers and use them to create easy solutions for their students. E-learning is a challenge and you must hire best app developers so that they know the essentials of such apps. Finding app developers is a challenge but you must know certain criteria to avoid amateurs.

Fitness Challenges

The lockdown has brought fitness challenges as gyms are closed now and there is no possibility of them to open soon. However, you must take advantage of fitness related apps to take care of your health. Furthermore, businesses that are related to healthcare, wellbeing, and lifestyle should adopt digital means to explore the mobile world. Hire health and fitness app developers that have the command over your industry and relevant experience.

Fake News Detection

Journalists and investigators, but also companies like Facebook, Google and Twitter, have documented and alerted the growth of false news about the virus, from the origin of the disease to miracle cures. Again, artificial intelligence plays a critical role in analyzing trillions of articles and comments posted on social media, and redirecting users to trusted sources from the WHO or the U.S. Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).

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However, this includes new forms of phishing that attackers take advantage of to spread malware or steal personal information, such as passwords or bank details. The WHO warned that coronavirus related domains are 50% more likely to be malicious than other domains registered in the same period.

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