Top 5 must-have Digital Marketing Skills to Spark in 2021

Digital marketing has become more of a requirement than ever with many emerging developments and channels for online ads. Digital marketing abilities can only be gained by practical experience, whether you are an advertisement professional in an agency, a freelancer, or an entrepreneur.

Digital Marketing

Although there is a lot of digital marketing services & video content, and other types of study material that is undoubtedly useful, we cannot deny that real comprehension exists only through the hands-on use of digital marketing resources, strategies, and platforms.

But digital marketing alone is a massive topic with several verticals and fields of science. There are many skills and expertise across different areas involved in designing and executing a full-fledged online marketing plan.

To make an impact in 2021, here’s a list of its most essential skills a digital marketer must have:

Social Media Marketing:

The social media world continues to be led by Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, LinkedIn, and Twitter. Many other social media sites also serve as marketing media for paid and free promotions, including Snapchat, Quora, etc.

When marketing on social media, one thing to remember is to note to post the right content regularly for full dedication to maintaining a content calendar to recognize which day to post and what form of content works the best.

Search Engine Optimization:

It is essential to organically rank your website, mainly when 80% of the clicks are on organic search results, including around 67k searches per second on Google. Optimize your website to appear on the search engine’s top page of the search results. There are indeed many instruments and techniques you have to master.

You need to be acquainted with all the SEO services & techniques on-page and off-page and master the techniques that streamline the process.


Google Analytics is a powerful digital marketing skill that helps you to understand basic metrics. It includes user traffic, average usage length, bounce rate, completion of goals, etc., as well as data analysis metrics such as funnel, drop off metrics, validation metrics, source/medium metrics, etc.

So, as a digital marketer, PPC services are among the essential skills to learn. One of the necessary abilities to succeed in whatever department you choose to specialize in is monitoring and reporting success through analytics.

Content marketing & Copywriting:

Copywriting is not about writing about the brand or its product/service but is a way to express its feeling, meaning, and unique selling proposition while taking into account different content rules across content formats.

Content marketing is also an essential skill in digital marketing that attracts users’ interest, reaches more users, and improves user engagement. Marketing and SEO for content go hand in hand. Apart from being interactive, the website’s content should also be “SEO optimized” to rank the website at the top of search engine results for specific and generic keywords.

Video designing & Editing Development:

Today, consumers’ attention span is currently short and erratic, making it all the more challenging for designers and video makers to gain users’ attention at first glimpse. Editors have to be familiar with software such as Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator to learn the value.

You can hire UI/UX developers to use skills to build something very quickly, which allows you a lot of customization options. Because of high interaction rates, today’s social media platforms are rich with digital experiences instead of static content. GIFs are commonly used to create innovative, immersive displays to interact with users.

Wapping note:

Specific digital marketing skills help you choose the right area of interest, but they will also provide you with an adequate evaluation of how digital marketing works. Other capabilities used to take marketing to the next level are web creation, affiliate marketing, impact marketing, email marketing, etc.

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