Top Challenges Enterprise Mobile Apps will face in 2020

Liftoff presented the 2020 Mobile Application Trends Report that reveals the main challenges that apps will face in the coming year. Liftoff, a firm specialized in mobile marketing and retargeting, published its Mobile Application Trends Report for 2020, where it identified that the three biggest challenges that marketing professionals will face next year are:

  1. Achieving growth at scale
  2. Retaining users
  3. And protecting their budgets of advertising fraud.

Growth at Scale with More Media Partners

To engage and convert more users, application marketers must turn to more media partners. Although smaller advertisers often focus their budget on Facebook and Google, this changes as campaigns meet and exceed their growth targets. To reach high-consumption users, you need to use almost 25 percent more media partners.

The “programmatic boom” is closer as the mobile takes the lead. Global investment in mobile ads is on track to hit $ 153.2 billion this year (up from $ 138 billion in 2018), fueled by programmatic, which will capture 65 percent of the pie. By 2020, programmatic advertising will accumulate $ 98 billion, representing 68 percent of investment in digital advertising.

User Retention is Achieved from Day One

Liftoff’s research shows that advertising efforts are focused on user acquisition campaigns. It’s a dangerous disconnect in a digital marketplace where a single-digit increase in retention can mean a double-digit or even triple-digit rise in earnings. An analysis of AppsFlyer’s retention data shows that 25.2 percent of users continue to interact with apps on the first day. It is a solid figure that is expected to drop 48 percent from the beginning to the third day, marking a critical period in which attractive campaigns and relevant messages can act in favor of the results of an attack.

By the seventh day, marketers have lost an impressive 65.9 percent of their users. It is a dramatic drop that underscores the merits of initiating re-engagement efforts much earlier to extend the application user’s life cycle. The same is the case with mobile apps for sectors like banking. Companies require strict measures to secure finance app development. While it makes sense for marketers to do their best from day one to keep users more engaged and intent, the Liftoff survey shows that only 15 percent follow this approach. Most worryingly, almost 10 percent make no effort to re-engage users.

Advertising Fraud Becomes more Sophisticated and Demands More Attention.

Advertising fraud currently costs companies between $ 6.5 and $ 19 billion.

E-commerce is at most significant risk; it is a vertical that represents almost a third (30.76 percent) of the rejected fraudulent facilities. Fake downloads are higher on Android (27 percent) than on iOS (21 percent). While the fraud data is impressive, marketers also show that they are winning the war: Global fraud rates fell to 16 percent in the period from November 2018 to April 2019, thanks to progress in protection solutions that counteract the attacks.

While the industry has made significant progress against ad fraud, the worst is not over. The Liftoff survey data suggests that marketers are not sufficiently prepared or interested in the subject. We know it as the fact that enterprise app development requires immense professionalism and businesses should avoid freelancers. More than half of marketers spend just 5 percent or less of their time addressing the problem per week, and 35.6 percent spend 10–20 percent of their time on this activity.

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“The radical change in the dynamics of the application market requires an audience-centred approach. This report lays out new ways to provide marketers with a holistic view of the trends and metrics that affect user acquisition, engagement, and retention across different app categories. Dating, Finance, Games, Shopping, and Utilities, “said Karl Berta, Head of Liftoff for Latin America, adding that “the report also gives a new perspective on the key opportunities offered by anti-fraud technology, which are the main challenges in the global application market.”

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