Top Trends Defining the Future of Mobile App Development

Smartphones and mobile apps have become an inseparable part of everyone’s everyday life. 2.1 Billions of people worldwide already own a smartphone. Mobile alarms, games, music & video players, shopping, and so on. This is done effortlessly from smartphone applications that are installed on our smart devices.

Smartphones and mobile applications will not be reduced anyway by 2020. Trends in the development of mobile apps began to grow and materialize. App developers and users are both responsible for this progression, which changed our lives in numerous ways.

Mobile App Development Trends-

The introduction of emerging technologies — the Internet of Things, Chatbots, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Cloud, Augmented, and Virtual Reality, etc. — has greatly impacted the mobile app development industry. Such innovations will continue to take the development of mobile apps by 2020.

Cloud-based mobile applications-

This trend will come up as a boom in the coming years. Cloud technology is helping companies to manage massive data. After integrating into mobile apps by android and iOS developers, it develops the applications’ storage capacity and helps increase productivity and collaborations.

Cross-platform mobile application development-

Development of applications that run on multiple platforms as termed as cross-platform mobile app development. It reduces the time to develop the apps, growth costs, and pushes their industry in the realm of strong competition. This movement set to go mainstream in 2020 and the years to come.

Low code development-

Low code development reduces the complexity of app development as it needs less amount of manual coding. Low-code platforms will also allow you to scale your apps as your business grows. Out Systems, Appian, Google App Builder, Kissflow, Zoho Creator, are some of the low-code app development tools that will become increasingly popular by 2020.

5G wireless technology-

5G wireless technology is of the top technology trends in mobile app development. It will be highly significant in the upcoming years. 5G network speed is much higher than the 4G network. The industry expects a shift from current 4G services to future 5G services by the end of the year 2020.

Since the 5 G networks provide a wide range of opportunities, the mobile app developers will design the applications accordingly to enable all users to experience higher network speeds for better performance.


The future of M-commerce looks exciting, with more and more people converging towards mobile shopping. Instead of debit or credit cards, Apple Pay and Google Wallet allowed customers to purchase via smartphones. Retail & eCommerce companies nowadays want applications that enable their users to shop effortlessly and purchase without cash or physical cards.

Internet of Things-

Accompanying the increased use of IoT should be a greater boost to IoT security. Patient safety and home protection are at risk with sensitive data floating in the cloud, so IoT-based mobile app built by IoT developers would have to be safer than ever. Therefore this trend is going to move much further even after the year 2020

AR/VR technologies-

After Apple and ARCore released ARKit by Google, the iOS and Android apps’ advancement has gained enormous momentum. VR and AR technologies are stipulated to pick up momentum in any industry: retail, healthcare, education, travel. Mobile apps that use these technologies create awesome experiences for mobile users and help companies boost profits.

Artificial intelligence and chatbots-

Artificial intelligence has changed the global face of mobile apps’ development and is supposed to take them to a new stage in 2020. Integrating AI into mobile devices not only saves companies a great deal of money but also increases user experience. The way companies communicate with customers through mobile phones has changed with AI-powered chatbots. Mobile apps with facilities such as cab services, delivery service, and online purchasing utilize chatbots to reply quickly to customer queries.

What to expect-

A mobile app development company majorly relies on the latest trends and tools for better performance. So far, 2020, loaded with lots of opportunities, and mobile app developers will strengthen their skills by gaining insight into the latest developments in creating mobile apps.

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