What is a Beacon and How it Works?

What is a Beacon?

iBeacon is the technology

How is Beacon Different from NFC?

  • NFC is less invasive, since its range is much smaller, a few centimeters. In addition, to connect, authorization is requested to access the user’s device.
  • For example, if the consumer finds a display case that has NFC technology to provide more details about the mannequins, it is possible to zoom in on the smartphone to obtain that information. Do you realize how this is a customer initiative?

How Does the Beacon Work?

  • Thus, when the client enters the premises, we consider the beacon as a signal emitter and the consumer’s smartphone as a receiver.
  • If the customer has the store application installed on their mobile and their Bluetooth is enabled. They can receive notifications and other promotional actions from the store.
  • Those actions can be the most diverse, from just saving the information that was during the connection between the devices. Performing default actions and even sending notifications. It is also possible to check-in on social networks.
  • What you have to keep in mind is that the beacon’s main objective is to improve the customer experience in the establishment. Through geolocation technology and experience marketing, making it unforgettable.

How AppStudio is Developing Amazing iBeacon Apps?

  • Provide new opportunities for eCommerce stores
  • Strengthen your communication with customers
  • Provide information to tourists at different destinations
  • Improve the hospital procedures
  • Optimize the real estate sector
  • and much more

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