What is a Beacon and How it Works?

Imagine that you enter a commercial establishment and that your smartphone begins sending you notifications about the promotions and offers of the place. It even seems like they were made especially for you! Well, that is more than possible thanks to the beacons. When we talk about the most relevant technological advances, we can say that personalization of care is exceeding. Using almost no human interaction and geolocation to do marketing, is something valued by the market.

Beacon is the technology that will empower you to send offers to consumers based on their location here and now. Understand what your true potential is in this post. Something that is transforming the customer experience in the most diverse types of establishments. Do you want to better understand how this innovation works? Continue reading!

What is a Beacon?

iBeacon is the technology

We can define it as a geolocation device that works in closed environments. Many people call the indoor GPS beacon, because it manages to locate where a person is inside the premises. Beacons are devices that, when installed on the site, can identify any mobile device, such as smartphones. They use BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy) technology, a type of Bluetooth that uses less energy.

The name “beacon” was patented by Apple. For this reason, the term iBeacon is also frequently used to refer to this innovation, especially when the reference is in devices that recognize the brand’s smartphones. Despite this, the market quickly positioned itself, naming the technology as a “BLE device,” although, by habit, most people call it a beacon.

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How is Beacon Different from NFC?

It is worth noting that many confuse the beacon with NFC (Near Field Communication) technology. Although the two are similar and use wireless technology to communicate with other devices, they are different in some crucial points.

  • NFC is less invasive, since its range is much smaller, a few centimeters. In addition, to connect, authorization is requested to access the user’s device.
  • For example, if the consumer finds a display case that has NFC technology to provide more details about the mannequins, it is possible to zoom in on the smartphone to obtain that information. Do you realize how this is a customer initiative?

How Does the Beacon Work?

In addition to consuming less energy from the device, when compared to ordinary Bluetooth, the beacon emits radio waves. It allows greater penetration into the walls of the establishment. It really is the ideal tool for closed environments.

  • Thus, when the client enters the premises, we consider the beacon as a signal emitter and the consumer’s smartphone as a receiver.
  • If the customer has the store application installed on their mobile and their Bluetooth is enabled. They can receive notifications and other promotional actions from the store.
  • Those actions can be the most diverse, from just saving the information that was during the connection between the devices. Performing default actions and even sending notifications. It is also possible to check-in on social networks.
  • What you have to keep in mind is that the beacon’s main objective is to improve the customer experience in the establishment. Through geolocation technology and experience marketing, making it unforgettable.

For example, when you enter a cafeteria and sit at one of the tables, imagine that the site application with the menu is already open on your mobile. It allows you to order on your own cell phone, as well as to pay the bill, without the need to call the waiter. Sounds amazing, right?

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